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My dear brothers, people have been in trouble for a long time, trouble and trial. We are saying that in these verses, Allah is a wisdom of Teala;

“Thank you, with a little fear and hunger; we will test it by reducing goods, lives and products. Good news for those who are patient! ” (Surat al-Baqara, Verse: 155)

"When they have a misfortune, they say," Actually, we belong to God and will surely return to Him. " ”  (Surat al-Baqara, Verse: 156)

In other words, those believers will be subjected to trials in different forms and forms, they will be exposed. Non-Muslims have trials, believers have trials, but they will be patient, they will patiently overcome these troubles. Allah Almighty commanding them good news. Good news! Why is that? Because; They said When a trouble and a misfortune come to a point where they can get bored and when this happens to them, they do not say that we are finished, they do not break down their morale. We came from Allah and we will go to Him, we will return to Him ”. 

Believers have such orientation and surrender. Everyone is destroyed so that our student brother says in Paris; Teacher, the streets of Paris are empty, the arches are wandering in the streets, there are animals that are forbidden to eat on the stalls of greengrocers. They roam the grocery streets of empty streets. There is despair in the people of Paris. If there is no faith, there is no hereafter, when death faces people, and as death strolls through the streets, they will fall to the edge of their homes, to a corner of their homes, and to pile up. They have no will, and there is no faith in them to keep their skeletons alive, their bodies.

If the believers are in trouble, if they can get a sign of this, we have flaws, we have mistakes, that's why this trouble happened to us. Ya Rabbi says, if he repents, if Muslims believers turn to Allah; Give them good news to those who are patient and they should be happy. The grace and mercy of Allah will be discharged from the sky to them . ”Allah Teâla.

My brothers caused this virus, why it took the world from the very beginning to the end, from the east to the west, and this virus grasped it. This scourge came and hit people. They were eating the bat before in China. So why not now before, this calamity has hit! So they're talking about the mutation in this virus. Why now it made people like this.

" There are lessons for those who will learn from this." (Surat al-Hijr, Verse 75)

Chastity, immorality, prostitution and adultery spread all over. The love-i memnu listened to immoral relations in this nation's homes, this nation in this ummah house. How married women commit adultery to married men. They carried them to the homes of this nation, from novels to screens, to the cinema. They brought the most immoral relationships to this nation's home. Maybe there are a few desperate Muslims, there are Muslims who resist this immorality, this atheism, this despair, and this despair.
Allah says Ta'ala; "I own the property." The planes, thugs, bandits and bandits of the well-known countries were dropping bombs on children in Idlib in Syria. But now in the tents, the kids are out and running, playing. Because those who persecute them suffer death from the cause of the Corona virus. There is death in the streets and palaces of those murderers who hit their mothers and fathers in the bread queue. There are children who are friendly, send us helpers, who scream us as Rabbi, and there are oppressed people. Mothers have their homes destroyed in winter nights, they have no shelters, no shelters, we have mothers in our houses, who have their children cold in their laps in the middle of the streets in the middle of the night, there are no planes of those oppressors and murderers on their neighborhoods and on their cities.

Immoral knee length, the owner of the universe; He said, “Do not approach adultery,” but he was entering the houses from the screens. The women were half naked in the newspaper headlines. Why did they put women photos instead of naked men! They were doing their trade. But the conscience of the world did not stand up. Wait, this is an exploitation, it will exploit these women, then throw them aside, without family, homeless, without homeland. You will leave their chastity after chewing. The conscience of the world did not stand up to do it. 

Allah says Ta'ala; “Those who tolerate and think. There are verses for them. ” 
Allah (swt), the people of Lot (pbuh) send his Jibrili emi there. It brings the gold on top. 
Then he says that; There is a sign here for the believers. Will you take a look, look? Why did Allah (swt) destroyed the people of Lot, you know? Are you asking? Do you question? My Lord has sent us these verses to practice in your life to read in the Quran.

Well, brothers, can we say that the cause of this disease is according to the Quran? I can not say! Why can't we say? You do not know the letter of conscience, I do not know. Nothing, big or small, is not hidden in Allah, and everything is in the wrath of Allah. “There is everything Levh-i Mahfuz, whatever is going to happen to you, whatever will happen in the world, all of these are the owner of the universe. They are all written. ”

"All this was first in creation." So why are you there? Do not worry, you have lost something, your nearest family, your mother, your father, your brother are dead or your fortune is gone! You will take your precaution, you will take your precautions. 
A companion had come to our Prophet (saas), he said, O Messenger of God! Should I tie my camel and trust? The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said that; Connect it, trust in Allah. 
That's why the reason is part of trust. He will have a mask in his mouth and gloves in his hand. If the state over 65 said to leave, he will not go out of the house. Whatever the state says will comply with these measures will be followed. In the matter plan, all Muslims and Muslims will abide by these, and then Allah will be credited with Allah. All his presence will be in Him in all his presence. He will rely on God so much that there is no fear of death in his life. He knows that he will go to his Lord in any case. 

The men who boast with disbelief and unbelief, the men who mocked the Muslim for their faith, are now unable to go out in their homes. Because their life ends with death. They said that; we went into space, you are still dealing with ablution turret. Now they learn to clean. They returned, and the worlds learn about bidetness.  

Well brothers, do not spoil what Allah has given you. Spoiled the world! They forgot Şükrü, they forgot worship.

In short, don't be afraid of the Corona Virus, shouldn't we be afraid of the might that created this universe, keeping the planet Earth in space and moving it from its orbit to a certain extent!

My Lord, I wish our state to protect our nation from all kinds of disasters and troubles. May all the Ummah Muhammad protect this and such epidemic diseases, insha'Allah.

Source: İhsan Şenocak (Tafsir 55 - Surat al-Baqara (YouTube))


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